No doubt, being an activist can be highly rewarding. But if you sometimes feel overwhelmed and exhausted, you are not alone. Many of us feel a heaviness from our work and the world around us. 

This workshop, offered by The Resilient Activist, will help you refocus, reframe, and reboot to reduce feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion.

Our 2 1/2-hour Four Steps for a Resilient Life Workshop offers an empowering journey to cultivate resilience, optimism, and hope in the face of the climate crisis and the resulting social and systemic injustices. 

Participants learn how to practice joyful, embodied activism and access resilience support through community-building and deep nature connection.

Flyer for Four Steps for a Resilient Life Workshops

What are the Four Steps?

Read more about the Four Steps for a Resilient Life approach to embodied activism here and here or in this 4-minute video from our Founder, Sami Aaron.

Learning to care for oneself is an essential skill for resilient activism. 

This workshop guides participants to create a personal activism plan imbued with self-care techniques and strategies to boost personal well-being.

This program will help equip attendees with the tools to reduce, reframe, and release activities that no longer bring them joy, allowing time and resources to be directed toward more uplifting, rewarding, and sustainable actions. 

By reflecting on activities with clarity of intention and self-compassion, participants will create a more resilient life.

Align your actions with your values and take home hope for the future. 

What will participants learn?

  • Keys to being resilient and how they can help you thrive. 
  • Ways to nurture optimism and joy in your life even during times of stress or overwhelm.
  • Strategies for gaining perspective and prioritizing what matters.
  • Tools for reducing anxiety and re-centering yourself and your activism.

Turn Despair into Determination  …

Anger into Action …

Activism into Self-Care …

What does a workshop look like?

Workshops can be held in person, online, or as a hybrid of the two. 

Many activists feel the burden of isolation and lack of understanding within their professional and personal lives. Breakout groups and small group discussions build a community feeling and help participants know that they are not alone in the work that they do. 

Through a mix of analytical and nature-centered meditations, journaling, and heartfelt conversations, participants will reimagine their activist mindsets to support their long-term well-being.

The 12-page Workbook, bursting with coping strategies, resilience tools, and resources, guides participants to build their personal resilience plan.

Who should attend?

This workshop is geared towards cohesive groups – staff, board members, or volunteers –  who are affiliated with a particular organization, association, or cause. Content and focus can be customized to meet the perspective of each group. 

While our pre/post-emotional resilience surveys indicate that online and hybrid sessions work very well, nothing compares to attending this workshop in person! We encourage organizations to consider this idea if possible.

What is the cost?

The fee schedule shown in the graphic above is based on the number of anticipated participants. The prices shown are subject to change.

  • A deposit of one-half of the anticipated fee is required to reserve the date and time of a scheduled workshop. A full refund, less incurred expenses, is available one week before the event; no refund is available after that time.
  • The final cost will be based on the actual number of participants and the balance is due within seven days of the event.
  • Additional expenses such as travel, lodging, printing, and other incidental expenses will be billed in addition to the workshop fee.
  • For nonprofits and grassroots organizations, the minimum fee is negotiable based on the size of the organization and their ability to pay.
  • We ask that the organization pay the entire fee so that participants can attend AT NO COST.

Get ready to start your journey of resilience, optimism, and hope today!

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NOTE: The Resilient Activist surveys the effect of this workshop on the emotional well-being of participants to help inform future programs and affirm that what we offer is of value. Because of this, participation in this workshop includes a request for participants to complete an optional anonymous survey of emotional well-being before and after the workshop.