The Resilient Activist Speakers Bureau offers educational and inspiring presentations and workshops designed to help audiences better understand ways they can create a healthier planet while nurturing themselves.  

An Introduction to the Resilient Activist

These presentations offer an overview of climate anxiety and ecological grief and simple practices that are hopeful and imbued with self-care: 

  • For Activists offers resilience tools for the activist who feels overwhelmed, fearful, or anxious about the climate crisis and the accompanying social injustices that impact the most vulnerable populations.
  • For Communities Who Care helps participants understand the emotional impact of the climate crisis and sheds light on action steps and self-care tools that will make a vital difference.
  • Resilience, Optimism, and Hope in Response to the Climate Crisis explores the concept of the fight/flight/flee reaction to climate anxiety and offers simple ways to shift into the relaxation response for clarity, innovation, and a new paradigm in being with our new reality.

Five Essentials for a Resilient World

These presentations bring thoughtful intention to living in supportive connection with Earth.

Five Essentials for Earth-Care presentations offer simple concepts to help you understand, make decisions, and take action in ways that benefit humans, non-humans, and our planet’s ecosystems.

One of the most important ways to explore the Five Essentials is as a reflection on your well-being through mind, body, and spirit; learn how to nurture yourself while nurturing Earth.

Business for Good programs bring the Five Essentials into the corporate environment. Consumers want their purchases to be aligned with their earth-aware values; this program gives a clear picture of action steps that will meet this consumer-defined need while enhancing the bottom line.

Graphic showing 4 Steps for a Resilient Life

4 Steps for a Resilient Life

Based on the blog post, “Reflecting on Embodied Activism and Overwhelm” our Speakers Bureau offers interactive workshops to increase those “Activist” actions that feel good or are easy to do and to reduce, reframe, or release/remove activities that make you feel weighed down and distraught. Step 1: Review; Step 2: Rejoice; Step 3: Reflect; Step 4: Reimagine

Taking Meaningful Action Through Political Engagement

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels

This presentation offers a guide for engaging in our political system to effect positive change in a joyful, self-caring, and sustainable way. We present activism as part of self-care, and self-care as part of activism. We believe that we will draw more people to our cause if we are energized, engaged, and joyous in our activism.

This presentation is intended for two audiences:

  • those who want to meaningfully engage in our political system to support, nurture, and protect what they hold dear, but aren’t sure where to begin, and
  • those who are already taking political action and want to add resilience, but are not sure how.

Transformation of a Superfund Site to a Pollinator Habitat

Hear the inspiring and unique story of the Pollinator Prairie, situated in an older neighborhood in Olathe, Kansas, and how it was transformed from a toxic waste Superfund Site to an Ecological Habitat.

photo of purple blooming liatris
Photo credit Sami Aaron

You’ll learn:

  • The history of the property and the remediation process
  • How this devastated parcel of land was revitalized to support pollinators while providing a delightful neighborhood pocket park for the public
  • The role of the K-State Johnson County Extension Master Naturalists in maintaining the gardens and restoring habitat at the site
  • How to install a simple, no-dig native garden at home to benefit butterflies, bees, birds, dragonflies, and more

Our Homes and Sustainable Interior Design

Exterior of home with native plant signs

Presentations are offered to homeowners and renters, as well as interior designers and builders. Based on the Five Essentials for a Resilient World, we can customize an event for your audience. Topics include:

  • Creating Pollinator Habitat at Home
  • Aligning our Homes with our Values
  • Letting Go and Making Space
  • Bringing Nature In
  • Planet Conscious Design Modalities
Photo credit: Esmeralda Figueras

Mindfulness for a Resilient World

These programs explore the connection between environmental activism and social justice, through the resilient lens of mindfulness practices imbued with deep nature connection. This presentation includes meditation concepts and a guided meditation practice through the Five Essentials for a Resilient World.

Mindfulness in Nature Retreats

These retreats are hosted in a natural setting where participants can receive all the benefits of time spent in nature! Programming includes an exploration through all the senses, mindfulness practices, and an embodied connection to the natural world.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Allen

Bring Deep Nature Connection to Outdoor Interpretation

This workshop offers simple tips and tricks for those who engage the public in experiencing the awe and majesty of the natural world.

This workshop includes:

  • mindfulness practices and nature-connection activities;
  • the ecopsychology perspective on more than our five senses in nature;
  • proactive ways to alleviate fears of nature;
  • techniques that use nature to support environmental activists through their ecoanxiety and climate grief.

The Visionary Activist Program

The VISION is a cause, situation, social issue, or environmental injustice that catches your attention and tugs at your heartstrings. It’s something that you study and read about. You watch videos and documentaries about it. It can be the causes you’ve talked about or donated to in the past, and now there is a feeling that you are ready to take it to the next step, to bring in your unique talents, and make a more substantial difference.

ACTIVISM is the art of taking action to bring forth whatever is bubbling up from your heart.

Through a unique approach of meditation, deep nature connection, and journaling, our 14-Step Visionary Activist program guides you to clarify and design just what is yours to do to make a tremendous difference for a resilient world.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Allen