This is the first of a three part blog series about art, nature, and wellbeing. Watch for my poetry and art journaling blog posts coming soon!

I love music’s ability to express what can’t be communicated in any other way. Songs tell us stories, take us on emotional journeys, and connect us together. Maybe you’ve experienced this singing karaoke with friends on a good night or blasting comfort music by yourself on a bad night. 

I’m always listening for songs that remind me of specific feelings and moments in my life. The playlist of my life is currently at 209 songs and counting. Here are a few songs that I listen to when the fast-paced world around me is too much and I feel the need to turn to nature for solace. 


Just Imagine by Land of Trees

This song is about trusting nature to be there for you when everything around you is complicated. It’s about finding freedom where you don’t have to chase work goals or stress about the minutiae of life. This song reminds us to make life as simple as we want it to be.

Wild Side by Oh Steady 

This short song is an invitation to go out into nature and see things in a positive light. This song reminds us that nature can ease our minds and that we are always welcome there.

Back to the Garden by Delta Rae

This song is about realizing that life can be distracting, fast, and tiring. The song discusses how we can change how we prioritize aspects of our lives so that we can focus on what really matters. It invites us to take care of the world that’s taking care of us.

Something Wild by Lindsey Stirling ft. Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

This song is about the moment of painful clarity that comes when we realize life is not all we thought it would be. It’s about recognizing that we might be scared and hurt by events in our lives but that we can always seek solace in nature if we need comfort.

Wild at Heart by Anthem Academy

This song is about the joy and freedom that comes from embracing the natural world. It’s about finding new beginnings and moving forward in life. It’s an amazing road trip song that makes me feel like I can take on the world.

Elizabeth Allen

Elizabeth Allen is interested in working to better understand the intersections of complex topics such as climate change, poverty, disasters, public health, and mental health. She is a writer and researcher at heart who loves reading, journaling, and listening to Broadway musicals.