We are pleased to have formal partnerships with these organizations that share our values and goals.

Climate Council of Greater Kansas City

Climate Council of Greater Kansas City

The Climate Council of Greater Kansas City was formed in response to the urgency we face regarding global warming, and in recognition of the need for concerted, collective action on a community-wide level to address this crisis.  Our goal is to support and expand the important work already happening in the Kansas City metro area through partnering with individuals, organizations, businesses, legislators and others in taking bold, effective action and assisting others in joining together through this platform..  We offer free educational programming designed to inspire community action, and support advocacy for meaningful change at the local and regional level. We are all needed, and we all have a role to play. By joining together, we can more effectively address the important issues facing us today, and create healthy, just and sustainable Kansas City area communities.

Deep Roots KC

Deep Roots KC is a collective impact organization, one united behind a shared vision of beautiful, native landscapes connecting heartland communities where nature and people thrive together. Together with their Partners, they work to increase native plant landscapes. Their mission is to encourage the appreciation, conservation, and use of native plants in the heartland through educating, collaborating, and facilitating the planting of regenerative native landscapes that are essential for a healthy planet.

Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness

Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness is a community of people from all walks of life, unaffiliated with any particular religious faith, practicing mindfulness and meditation together and supporting one another toward greater presence and awareness in daily living. They are inspiring a revolution from the inside out.

Green Business Network

The Resilient Activist is a proud member of Bridging The Gap’s Green Business Network.

The Green Business Network is a network of environmental professionals and business people who all share a common goal: making sustainable business decisions that protect our natural resources AND make good business sense.

Since 1999, the Green Business Network has educated, connected and inspired hundreds of Kansas City metro area businesses to implement sustainable initiatives in the workplace.