This is the third blog post of a three part series about art, nature, and wellbeing. Check out my blog posts on music and poetry.

I’ve never really considered myself a traditional artist. In my mind, artists see blank pages and know what to do with them. I tend to stare at them before putting down my pencil and picking up my phone. Because I have a hard time creating from nothing, I didn’t do much art for the first twenty years of my life. 

Luckily, I discovered collages and art journaling. With this medium, I start with existing words, images, and colors. Then I figure out how to combine them in visually pleasing ways. I find it relaxing to turn off my phone and instead take inspiration from whatever I have on hand. It’s a chance to slow down and be with myself. Using physical materials grounds me in reality. For me, art journaling is a hobby and a form of self care. 

I’ve reused calendars, magazines, brochures, and construction paper to create page spreads based on The Resilient Activist’s Five Essentials for a Resilient World. I used this art journaling as an opportunity to remind myself that I should implement the Five Essentials in my life. 

Elizabeth Allen

Elizabeth Allen is interested in working to better understand the intersections of complex topics such as climate change, poverty, disasters, public health, and mental health. She is a writer and researcher at heart who loves reading, journaling, and listening to Broadway musicals.