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Environmental Activists Can Be Self-Conscious

Self-conscious emotions are baked into our DNA because they prevent us from breaking social norms that keep people safe. An unfortunate side effect of this is not being loud and proud enough about the climate crisis. By bringing self-conscious emotions out into the open, we can gain traction in the fight against this existential threat.

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Gardening for Wildlife–Creating a Sense of Place

As the world has started to recognize the importance of using plants that have evolved with the insects and animals of a region, Deep Roots has stepped up with its latest offering to assist landowners. Through their new “Nature Advisors” program, a team of two will help you evaluate your property by identifying invasive species, looking at rainwater management opportunities, and increasing options for wildlife habitat through plantings.

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All the Baby Trees by Vivian Faulkner

Last year, as I was walking the paths, it occurred to me that these trees were in trouble. Unless the collars were removed, the trees that were now established would start growing through the mesh which would harm them in the long-term... I stated that the trees needed someone who cared about them to do this task and that I was not going to give up.

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Resources Search Engine: Our Gift To You

We started a resource to share our favorites, be they books, movies, podcasts, apps, websites, or organizations. It covers the spectrum from mental health to climate action and from Justice/Equity/Diversity/Inclusion to meditation. There are lots of resources in the Kansas City/Lawrence areas, along with many that are national or international.

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