The Resilient Activist Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Statement

Our Community

At The Resilient Activist (TRA), we value our common humanity. Our mission depends on being a compassionate, reflective, learning community, actively reaching out to bridge differences, and striving for equity through the transformation of ourselves, our organization, and our world. Supporting our community as we navigate climate change must be preceded by individuals feeling both safe and included.

To that end, we are committed to a mindful way of living; this includes waking up to injustice and recognizing our personal and shared responsibility for eradicating it. This also means taking committed action that supports environmental and social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

We hope you will stand in mindful and compassionate solidarity with us.

Participation in our programs and employment opportunities will not be denied to anyone based on their race, creed, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation or identity, country of origin, religion, or political beliefs.

Read more at Racial Equity and the Environment and our Native Land Acknowledgement.

Examples of Diversity Initiatives from TRA:

  • Communities can create groups within our Mighty Networks online platform for allyship. These groups allow for varying perspectives and can be configured to be open to the public, require approval, or be by invitation only.
  • We host a monthly Justice Equity Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) Book Club to explore and discuss related issues for long-term study.
  • We provide non-sectarian offerings. TRA is unaffiliated with any religious or meditation tradition and welcoming of all perspectives.
  • We offer opportunities for individuals to post moderated blogs with their viewpoints and perspectives related to climate change and environmental activism. Submitted articles must be in alignment with our Community Guidelines (see below).

We invite you to also explore the DEI statements at the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness website, which has been a foundation for ours.

TRA Mighty Networks Online Community Guidelines

The Resilient Activist organization was created to bring our community together in a way that is safe, supportive, and honest, filled with integrity and without judgment.

To that end, we know that our programming will accomplish this goal …

  • by creating a private online space away from social media, where we can connect with others both locally and globally. Together, we are creating a diverse and flourishing community to explore and ground our mission by engaging in deep conversations and meaningful restorative actions. We ask that participants use their real names rather than an alias in their member profiles.
  • by supporting authentic and gentle communication opportunities for those working in environmental and social justice activism. Our online community is a place for sharing conversations, resources, and collaborative actions that support environmental justice, racial equity, gender equality/orientation, as well as the intersectionality of all systemically through proactive measures.
  • by continually honoring each other’s experiences while supporting each other’s gifts, knowledge, and wisdom in service of Earth and all life.

Participation in our programs and employment opportunities will not be denied to anyone based on their race, creed, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation or identity, country of origin, religion, or political beliefs.

These guidelines are intended to help create connections, respect, inclusion, and safety.

1. Participants in our online community agree to uphold the following guidelines:

Positive and Supportive Comments: Respond to others with love and care. We have a zero-tolerance policy for any form of social bullying, racism, aggression, blaming, attack, or judgmental responses. If you post racist or any other type of aggressive comments, you will be notified and removed.

2. Share Stories and Experiences honoring everyone’s truth: 

We request that you honor the fullness of each member by reflecting back on their wholeness, rather than seeing them as a problem to be fixed. Post from your own experience. For example: ‘I feel …’, or ‘from my experience …’ rather than general statements. This fosters intimacy and reduces inflammatory discussion. 

3. Don’t Self-Promote outside of the Members’ Products & Services topic:

You are free to post your activism, organization, services, products, or offerings within the Members’ Products & Services topic only. We do not allow fundraising or requests for funding on this site other than for our organization. Please DO NOT use any other community areas to promote your or anyone else’s work or to solicit funds. We do encourage you to share organizations that provide supportive and relevant services and products. Promoting outside this topic area can change the atmosphere from a nurturing sanctuary to a bustling shopping experience.

4. Take Care: 

Sincere, thoughtful replies and words of support are always welcome, but please take care that you are posting with meaning rather than for the sake of posting.

5. Politics and Religion: 

The Resilient Activist is a Missouri public charity recognized as tax-exempt by the IRS under Section 501(c)(3).

  • By our Articles of Incorporation, this organization will not attempt to influence legislation or participate in or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.
  • We do encourage discussion of policy and legislative issues, especially those that relate to our mission, but we do not allow either support or denigration of any specific political office-holder, candidate, or party, nor do we allow promotion of specific voting issues.

Rev 2.0 February 8, 2022