Durham Green To-Go -is an inspired new idea in returnable/reusable restaurant take-out containers in Durham, North Carolina.

“GreenToGo is a reusable take-out container service that will reduce the amount of trash that goes to our landfills and improve quality of life for the Durham community. GreenToGo boxes are durable and long-lasting take-out containers which are 100% reusable and checked out, similar to checking out a library book (use it and return it when you’re done). They are washed and sanitized in commercial dishwashers meeting health code standards. The boxes are used in similar sustainable container services across the country, replacing the need for the single-use disposable containers (paper, plastic, etc) that are typically used in most restaurants.”

The City of Durham is on a roll with their green initiatives!  Check out their “Don’t Waste Durham” programs leading the revolution in trash prevention.

For more information about the problems with Styrofoam, read our EnviroTip #3: Plastic Straws and Styrofoam: Who Needs ‘Em?

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