A New Opportunity to Enhance Your Well-Being in 2022

Through our partnership with the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness, The Resilient Activist has brought together eight of the most experienced and visionary mindfulness teachers for this exceptional series. In this seven-month, weekly online journey, you’ll strengthen your mind, body, spirit, and nature connection through powerful meditations and insightful conversations.

Nature-connected mindfulness teachers explore a wide variety of nurturing skills to bring resilience into your life to support your heartfelt work for a more just and equitable planet.

  • Would you like to connect with other activists and be part of a nurturing community?
  • Do you wonder how reconnecting with nature can boost your well-being?
  • Have you been looking for an opportunity to reflect on why your work matters?
  • Would you like to develop simple skills to help your activism come from a place of “wise action?”

Through this unique series, you’ll have the opportunity to …

  • Delve into the difficult emotions around activism and climate change
  • Learn resilience tools and practice skills for personal well-being that you can apply to your real-world activism
  • Explore mindfulness philosophy and concepts, deepening your sense of purpose and meaning

Who Should Attend?

  • Activists of all stripes: joyful, fulfilled, burned-out, dismayed, overworked, or grieving – all are welcome!
  • Climate activists, climate justice activists, social justice activists
  • Courses are open to all levels of meditation and mindfulness practice – explore our free Introduction to Meditation Courses on our Mighty Networks Online Community platform


$15 per week; each month is charged as a package – a 4-week course is $60, a 5-week course is $75

Reduced pricing and scholarships are available.

Other Benefits

  • Participants will have access to a private group on our Mighty Networks Online Community to continue the conversations and stay connected to others in their course.
  • Sessions will be recorded and available to course participants.

Course Schedule

Image of Sami Aaron
Sami Aaron
Tobi Holloway

Five Essentials for a Resilient World and Self-Care

March 2022 – 5 Weeks: Thursdays 7:00-8:15 pm CDT

Through five key principles for effective activism and self-care – Replenish Our Resources, Reconnect To Nature, Respect All Life, Revamp Our Spending, ReGreen Our Planet – you will explore how to nurture yourself while nurturing Earth.

Picture of Tracy Ochester
Tracy Ochester

Transforming Loving Awareness Into Wise Action

April 2022 – 4 Weeks: Mondays 7:00-8:15 pm CDT

Meditations are designed to help us clarify our intentions for being agents of transformation toward a more just and flourishing world, understand our own habits and patterns in relation to the systems in which we operate, and identify opportunities and resource ourselves for wise action.

Image of Eric Hulse
Erik Hulse

Four Foundations of Mindfulness

May 2022 – 4 Weeks : Mondays 7:00-8:15 pm CDT

Exploring the Four Foundations of Mindfulness (Body, Feeling, Mind, and Physical and Mental Processes), you will learn to perceive the nature of reality and the nature of things being interdependent and impermanent. You’ll experience the pure awareness of reality just as it is without judgments or concepts.

Image of Shane Ledford
Shane Ledford

Guided Mindful Nature Visualizations

June 2022 – 4 Weeks : Tuesdays 12:00-1:15 pm CDT

Through meditations, journaling, and discussion – featuring visualizations of natural surroundings – we will come together as an activist community. You won’t want to miss the experiences of floating meditation, walking meditation, forest bathing, and more.

Image of Julia Grimm
Julia Grimm

Focus on Emotions: Grief, Guilt, Gloom, and Gratitude

July 2022 – 4 Weeks: Wednesdays 7:00-8:15 pm CDT

This series, focusing on the heavier emotions of activism, will be experienced through the lens of trauma-informed mindfulness and mindful creative expression. More information to come …

Image of Pam Hausner
Pam Hausner

The Resilient Family: How Will We Respond to Global Warming?

August 2022 – 5 Weeks : Mondays 6:30-7:45 pm CDT

Based on the book All the Feelings Under the Sun: How to Deal with Climate Change, this 5-week series takes an honest yet positive-focused approach as we confront the vital topic of our warming planet. For families – ages 8 and up.

Image of Deah Robinson
Deah Robinson

Ecological Identity: Interdependent and Interconnected with Nature

September 2022 – Day and Time TBD

Environmentalism is more than just a set of practices, it’s a way of being. Ecological Identity describes human identity in connection with nature and all life forms. Explore and construct your ecological identity through personal inquiry, guided meditation, experiential exercises, and creative exploration.