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“The word ‘nature’ means everything in the world which is not organized and constructed by man.”

Lily de Silva, Early Buddhist Attitudes toward Nature

Why tune into nature?

This EnviroTip article is a little different from most of the others.

It’s ways you can be more aware of the nature around you as you move through your day and why it’s important that you are.

Our Inaugural EnviroTip explains that our mission is to answer the question,

What simple steps can we humans take to have a positive impact on the planet in a way that feels easy and natural?

The simple act of just “noticing nature” is every bit as vital to preserving the natural world as are our other EnviroTip articles about green living, conscious spending choices, and managing food waste.

“Noticing nature” is the easiest EnviroTip of all

Simply open all your senses, as often as you think about it, and drink in the nature around you.

You can do this indoors or outdoors because you’ll find nature everywhere … at work or at home as well as in the most remote mountain hideaway.

Nature is all around you in 

the air you breathe, 

the weather and season,

the humidity, wind, and gravity, 

everything you smell and taste, and 

the sounds you hear; both man-made and natural.

We just forget to notice

For just a moment, step away from this screen and look outside.

Take a deep in-breath, and as you exhale, start to really – really – observe the weather.

How long since you were intentionally aware of the details of the nature that is right outside your door?

When was the last time you actually, literally, smelled the roses?

It’s so easy to push spending time in nature to the bottom of our task list when we already have so much to do in our everyday lives.

But that’s just a habit that can easily be shifted.

Here’s a start …

take a short break and enjoy this 13 minute guided audio that will gently remind you why you love being in nature …

Time in Nature: Embodying the Seasons

Ahhh … remembering the lure of nature

Two important things happen when you give the natural world your attention and you notice the love, appreciation, gratitude, and awe that you bring back into your everyday life:

First: You feel better.

Your body relaxes and your breathing deepens.

Your mind shifts from incessant busy-ness and never-ending chatter into a quieter pace.

You feel more grounded in the moment, rather than ruminating about the past or worrying about the future.

You think more clearly.

In fact there are so many benefits to time spent in nature that they all can’t possibly be listed here, so we created a short list in Benefits of Time Spent in Nature to get you started.

Second: The planet feels better.

People protect the things they love.

The more deeply we experience our times in nature, the more we appreciate that its value cannot just be measured in dollars and cents.

Humans are nature. That’s why it feels so good to re-connect with it!

Dig underneath our intelligence and accomplishments and technology and you’ll find that we’re nothing more than biological creatures who just want clean air to breathe, healthy food to eat, and safe, beautiful habitat to nurture us – body and soul.

How will you bring more nature into your everyday life?

  • Schedule time in your calendar to regularly step out in nature.
  • Re-arrange your office and home furniture so you can easily gaze out the window.
  • Bring nature into your home and office with houseplants, nature photography, and whatever mementos you have of natural places you love.
  • Post sticky notes around your living spaces and car to remind you to notice nature as you go through your day.

In no time, you’ll notice that you’re part of nature in every moment – and you’ll be thrilled with the rewards!

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