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  • Our Earth Walk
    Nature Easing Environmental Anger, Anxiety, and Grief (Editor’s note: this article was written for a course at Rockhurst University on “Writing for the Environment.” Students paired with nonprofit organizations to create articles and other supportive content. It was a wonderful collaboration with some really insightful and articulate students! For this article, Anna watched a pre-recorded […]
  • Self-Care – Cultivating Play and Rest
    In my last blog post, I wrote about activism as self-care…..which for me is the easy part….doing. But as I am learning, self-care should also include adequate rest and play. Play isn’t something that comes to me naturally as a more Type A personality, and play was not modeled or encouraged in my home growing […]
  • Four Steps for a Resilient Life
    Reflecting on Embodied Activism and Overwhelm I’ve been thinking a lot about the concept of embodied activism and how it relates to eco-aware activities that give us the most stress and sense of gloom, doom, and overwhelm.  If there was a way to make changes to your activism so it feels good, it’s uplifting, and […]
  • How to Know a Green Rental Home When You See One
    So, you’re in the market for a rental home and you want to keep your carbon footprint to a minimum. The good news is that more landlords are conscious of how they can conserve energy and water in their properties these days. And fortunately, more real estate developers are trying harder to build structures with […]
  • Healing Myself to Heal the Planet
    When I was 26 I embarked on the most profound healing journey of my life. I worked with a therapist from a body-centered, somatic place to unearth my core childhood and relationship love wounds. I thought I was going into therapy to work on my dad issues, but what I discovered in my body, and […]
  • A Zero Waste Lifestyle: Good for the Planet
    My zero waste lifestyle began after I heard the statement, “There may be a plan B but there is not a planet B.” I was in awe of a reality I hadn’t yet processed. Since then, I watched the documentary “COWSPIRACY: The Sustainability Secret” only to learn more about the destruction industrial agriculture causes. Soon […]
  • Great Ways to Go Green on St. Patrick’s Day
    A largely celebrated holiday is known for being green but how can the holiday be celebrated with a green mindset? Bike to the Bar If you’re hoping to head out to the pubs consider biking. You will be joining the growing movement of biking commuters. This is a great way to cut down on greenhouse […]
  • Moving Toward a Zero Waste Lifestyle
    Moving Toward a Zero Waste Lifestyle It can seem like not a day passes by without more bad news concerning the environment. In the face of such huge reported problems, it’s easy to feel helpless and be discouraged. But there’s an effective approach that everyone can take to reduce their impact on the planet’s resources, […]
  • EnviroTip #14: Revamp our Spending
    Much about our spending can be reflected in the way we eat chocolate.  One of the five essentials for a resilient world is to “Revamp Our Spending.” We at The Resilient Activist believe that part of both self-care and eco-regeneration is to shift what we as a culture value so we can live more happily […]
  • Envirotip: Steal some mulch
    Need mulch or leaves for compost? If you live in a city where the sanitation department picks up yard waste, you can score big for your garden. My walking partner, J, has been building a big raised vegetable garden. The sides are about 30″ high, made of wood and corrugated steel. When the time came […]
  • EnviroTip #13: Meditation – A Powerful Resiliency Tool
    Q: What is one of the most powerful resiliency tools? A: A regular meditation practice. And here’s the good news: you don’t even have to know how to meditate! Through local teachers, books, and various online sites and mobile apps, you can treat yourself to guided meditations that will help you slow down incessant thoughts, […]
  • EnviroTip #12: Going Zero-Waste with Personal Care
    We have a TerraCycle recycling program for personal care items going on now in our hometown, Kansas City!  As you collect your waste from toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss containers, mouthwash containers, deodorant, and shaving, notice how much waste you produce! Even if it’s recycled, there is still the energy usage for manufacturing these containers in the […]
  • EnviroTip #11: A Home Tour
    So, what can one suburban family do to make a difference for the climate? In our home, it’s just one simple change at a time, and we learn more every day. Others have taken their zero-waste, nature-connected lives much deeper than we have and I applaud their passion and commitment. Here are links to two […]
  • EnviroTip #10: Grief and Hope in Times of Environmental Angst
    Is there light at the end of this tunnel? One of the most frequent comments The Resilient Activist hears is that caring about the environment and the destructive impact humans are having on the natural world can be overwhelming and gut-wrenching. There is the sense that trying to do anything of value, anything that will […]
  • EnviroTip #9: Mothering a Young Environmentalist Without Going Off the Rails
    For parents of young nature lovers. Helpful tools to support their hearts and minds when you communicate to your children what’s happening in the environment around them. What is the meaning of “Off the rails?” My Mindful Parenting Lesson First Essential Ethic: Notice Second Essential Ethic: Honesty Daily Life Practice Comment on this article Parenting is […]
  • EnviroTip #8: Spend time noticing nature
      Simple Steps. Big Impact.   “The word ‘nature’ means everything in the world which is not organized and constructed by man.” Lily de Silva, Early Buddhist Attitudes toward Nature Why tune into nature? This EnviroTip article is a little different from most of the others. It’s ways you can be more aware of the […]
  • EnviroTip #7: Food Prep with the planet in mind
      Simple Steps. Big Impact.   Food Prep: It can make a difference The food you eat grew from soil, water, and sunlight. The best way to give these nutrients back to the planet is by literally finding ways to get your food scraps outside where they can decompose back into the soil. Food scraps […]
  • EnviroTip #6: Fall Bulb Prep & Early Pollinators
      Simple Steps. Big Impact.   Fall Bulb Prep and Planting for Early Pollinators As part of deepening our understanding of the interconnectedness of everything, Advanced Master Gardener, Darlene Arnett gives us tips for how to plan, prep, and plant your fall bulbs with nature – bees and butterflies that emerge early in the spring  […]
  • EnviroTip #5: Choose who you give your money to
    Simple Steps. Big Impact. Use your purchasing power to support a healthy planet Do you really need the item you’re planning on buying? What companies do you want to do business with? Whoa, this sounds like a lot of work! Easy peasy: how to begin What if the “green” option feels too expensive? Want to […]
  • EnviroTip #4: Actively “Green” Our Planet
    Simple Steps. Big Impact. Let’s Green It Up! You personally can make an enormous difference in supporting populations of pollinators and other wildlife by choosing to garden from nature’s eye. To get an idea of how to do this, take a couple of minutes to read the “Evolution of a Gardener.” It’s one gardener’s mindset […]
  • EnviroTip #3: Plastic Straws & Styrofoam: Who Needs ‘Em?
      Simple Steps. Big Impact.   No Straw; No Styrofoam Please! The movement to eliminate single-use straws and polystyrene foam (what we commonly call “Styrofoam”) is on. The more we learn about both of these items, the more it’s clear that it’s time to break some habits that are not only unhealthy for us, but […]
  • EnviroTip #2: Plastic Bags: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
    Simple Steps. Big Impact. Solution #1: Quit using them Solution #2: Already have a bunch of plastic bags? Use them till they fall apart, then recycle them Solution #3: Use bags made from environmentally friendly materials Go Deeper Resource Links Comment on this article So, what’s the problem with plastic bags? Let’s start off with […]
  • EnviroTip #1: Tomato Hornworms: Feeling The Love
    Simple Steps. Big Impact. Tobacco Hornworm Image credit: Lenora Larson Solution #1:  Plant a sacrificial garden just for the hornworms Solution #2: Repel them with companion plants Solution #3: Bring them inside & raise them Go Deeper Resource List Comment on this article Have you ever wished you had an easy answer for how to […]
  • Welcome to EnviroTips
    Simple Steps. Big Impact. The Resilient Activist organization was created to answer the burning question, “What simple steps can we humans take to have a positive impact on the planet in a way that feels easy and natural?” I just googled that question and got 198,000,000 results like these: The top 5 ways to live […]