Group of kindergarten kids friends gardening agriculture
Group of kindergarten kids friends gardening agriculture

Help build resilience, optimism, and hope in response to the impact of the climate crisis.

Your donation to The Resilient Activist has never been more important. The world needs inspired and visionary activists who have the resilience to see us through these unprecedented times.

Your donation helps to provide:

  • Resources for Climate Grief & Hope
  • Resilience-Building Activities for activists and those concerned about the climate crisis
  • Meditations for a resilient world
  • Speakers bureau to provide awareness, hope about the climate crisis to organizations and businesses

This year your #GivingTuesday donation will go further!

Thanks to the generosity of supporters, we have several offers of matching gifts.

The Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness

Matching the first dozen $25 donations!

We at the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness are so grateful for the presence of a forward-thinking organization like The Resilient Activist in our area. They offer many useful and inspiring programs each year, contribute to important research efforts, and act as a general resource for individuals, businesses, and groups, in service of nourishing positive ecological change and ensuring a healthy future for generations to come.

The folks at The Resilient Activist share our understanding of the deep interconnection of our personal and collective well-being and the health of our planet home. Our organizations both prioritize community building and the power of perspective as leverage points for beneficial change. Our overlapping missions have inspired us to join forces on many occasions to share our passion for contributing to a healthier, more diverse, and sustainably flourishing world. We hope you will join us in supporting this wonderful organization’s efforts.

Mary Howe and Rick Stein

Matching funds up to $1000

Dena Klein

I am inspired to support The Resilient Activist to help preserve, protect, and regenerate our environment for current and future generations through positive steps and specific measurable actions that support environmental activists as well as “lay” people like myself who are greatly concerned about protecting and nurturing our Earth. And also to learn more about environmental issues,  actions/steps I can incorporate into my activities, and teach my grandchildren.

Matching funds up to $250

Every gift, big or small, is appreciated. As our way of saying thank you, we will give you a FREE EnviroTips PDF with practical information you can start using right away to enjoy living in harmony with our world. Donate today as part of #GivingTuesday and join the global movement to show kindness and support for nonprofits.