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We cultivate resilience to environmental stress by supporting community, personal well-being, and vital ecological health.

2023 Vision

Through our efforts, current and future generations will live in a healthy, diverse, and regenerative environment.

2023 Principles

We are guided by the principles of kindness, compassion, communication, diversity, deep understanding, transparency, and ongoing education for environmental and social justice needs.

The Statistics

1140 Clients Served 2022

26,000+ Website Visitors (150 countries, average 3 pages/visitor)

4430+ Clients since 2018

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1368 Email Subscribers

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90% Volunteer Support

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Founder’s Message

Bringing the nonprofit, The Resilient Activist (TRA), into being has been the most profound and significant accomplishment of my life. Activists, especially environmental activists, are underappreciated heroes who carry the weight of the world in their hearts, minds, and bodies every single day. These gentle souls step into activism based on a fervent desire to right a wrong, heal a pain, or alleviate a grief with the pervasive awareness of the fragility of ecosystems, wildlife, and humanity on this planet. Compassionate and sensitive, many activists struggle with depression, grief, and a sense of impending failure over ongoing ecological destruction.

My older son, Kevin, was one of those activists who was broken by the emotional burden he carried, believing that his personal well-being was of little importance when weighed against the needs of the world. He died by suicide in 2003. He wrote, “Letting go of the passion to work on substantive structural change in favor of personal happiness is not a viable option.” TRA was founded to help activists like him recognize the critical value of self-care and to provide the community, resources, and insight to support long-term resilience in light of the critical work they do.

Sami Aaron


Sami Aaron


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Audience Demographics

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Resilience Support

The Resilient Activist offers events and programs to address ecological grief. TRA provides access to a directory of Climate-Aware Therapists and mental health resources through our programs and research studies.

Climate Café

Based on training from the Climate Psychology Alliance of North America, our Climate Café events guide inclusive conversations about climate grief and anxiety in supportive and nurturing ways.

Four Steps for a Resilient Life

Through journaling and small group conversations, these workshops guide participants to create a unique activism plan imbued with self-care techniques and personal well-being.

Speakers’ Bureau

Speakers’ Bureau online and in-person presentations provide uplifting and informational programs for groups and organizations. Presentations are offered in-person and virtually.

Visionary Activist

Through nature-connection, guided meditations,
and journaling this program offers insight for
visionary activism imbued with tools for personal

Five Essentials for a Resilient World

Workshops for a healthy mindset: Reconnect to Nature, Respect all Life, Regreen our Planet, Revamp our Spending, and Replenish our Resources.

Graphic listing the Five Essentials for a Resilient World

Valued Partnerships

The Resilient Activists works with businesses and organizations in a nature-inspired, collaborative effort to support healthy relationships with the planet and all living beings.

Research Study

Background: In September 2020, TRA partnered with the Psychology Department at the University of Kansas for a research study for climate activists through their institutional review board (IRB). Sessions were conducted with 46 participants to understand their emotions, behaviors, and perceptions of community in light of the climate crisis.

Concept: The study was invaluable in defining and identifying the community of climate activists, a group that is not often considered a community in need of mental health support related to the work they do.

Results: This data is helping us create programming through opportunities to share thoughts, exchange ideas, build connections with like-minded people, and continue their activism work in ways that support their long-term well-being. The results of this study appeared in an article in the Kansas City Star on January 27, 2022, further raising the visibility of climate anxiety and the value of groups focused on the emotional impact of the climate crisis, including The Resilient Activist.

Impact Testimonials

When I was first introduced to the group I had little hope for how much of a difference my personal green steps could make and was really overwhelmed about where to
start. However, TRA’s Five Essentials for a Resilient World made it so tangible and proved empowering. I started to apply the Five Essentials to not only my home life but my profession as well and sought to engage others in my industry towards these sustainable practices.

Christine Julian

Owner / Christine Julian Interiors

The Resilient Activist fills a critical role in our community at this time of converging crises. It does so by making overt and intentional connections between system-level
crises such as climate change, species loss, and rising inequity and personal-level crises such as grief, panic, and disconnection. The programming The Resilient Activist is developing is essential for broad transformation in the years and decades to come.

Prof. Ward Lyles, PhD

Associate Professor, Urban Planning Program
University of Kansas