Finding Hope and Connection Through Climate Action

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Connecting Through Gratitude

As someone passionate about supporting both individual well-being and collective resilience in the face of climate change, I’m always looking for organizations promoting positive change. One group doing excellent work is Action for Happiness, a global movement focused on building a happier and more caring society.

After exploring the Action for Happiness website, I was impressed by their many programs and services. They provide practical tools like their 10 Keys to Happier Living, drawn from scientific research on well-being. They host talks, workshops, and online coaching to help people develop mindfulness, gratitude, and kindness skills.

One such talk by Action for Happiness features a talk from Louie Schwartzberg in which he shares insights from his documentary Gratitude Revealed. This explores how taking time each day to feel grateful for the small gifts in our lives can profoundly impact our well-being and relationships. What stuck out to me most was his message about how gratitude can heal the disconnection many of us feel – from ourselves, each other, and the natural world around us. 

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The Power of Social Connections

In my work with The Resilient Activist, I see firsthand the power of connection in building communities that can withstand challenges. When times are tough, having strong social ties and feeling embedded in something larger gives people confidence and resilience. But it’s all too easy in our busy modern lives to lose sight of the connections right before us.

What strikes me most about Action for Happiness is its emphasis on community. In addition to individual resources, they encourage members to join local groups for regular in-person meetups. This aligns perfectly with research showing solid social connections are vital for mental health and coping with challenges. Their group’s directory makes it easy to find like-minded people working towards positive change together.

At The Resilient Activist, we take a similarly holistic approach – offering information and opportunities for real-world action and solidarity. Through our presentations, meditation circles, and volunteer activities, we aim to cultivate resilience on both personal and community levels. We aim to create a supportive atmosphere where everyone can contribute and learn from each other. That’s why we think Action for Happiness is an incredible organization doing important work in mental health and well-being. We can all be part of creating a happier, kinder world!

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Strengthening Personal Resilience with Gratitude

Louie’s talk reminded me that practicing gratitude daily is one simple yet transformative way to strengthen those ties. When we notice the beauty in Nature each day, from the vibrant colors of flowers to the subtle movements of clouds, it helps us tap into our shared interdependence with the planet. Feeling grateful for the people in our lives who support us keeps us engaged with our relationships. And taking stock of life’s small pleasures, however simple, can lift our mood and sense of well-being even on hard days.

Over the past month, I’ve integrated brief gratitude reflections into my routine, as recommended by Louie. And it’s leaving me feeling happier and more present – to the support networks around me and the natural world we call home. In tiny yet meaningful ways, it’s helping me stay focused on connection and bringing hope into moments that might otherwise have felt lonely or difficult.

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Getting Involved with Action for Happiness and The Resilient Activist

If you’re looking for a simple practice to boost your well-being and sense of community now, I’d recommend giving gratitude a try. The Resilient Activist is about finding hope wherever we can in the face of climate challenges. I hope sharing Louie’s insights has sparked some ideas of how expressing gratitude might also strengthen your personal resilience.

If you’re motivated to support climate solutions but feel overwhelmed, check out the resources offered by Action for Happiness and The Resilient Activist. By strengthening our well-being and connections, we can all face challenges with more courage, wisdom, and care for one another. There is hope to be found in community!

Naomi Latini Wolfe

Naomi Latini Wolfe is an experienced educator specializing in creating equitable and sustainable learning environments. As a dedicated member of The Resilient Activist (TRA), Naomi leverages her expertise in accessibility, engagement, and diversity to develop online training curricula and spearhead DEI initiatives. With a background in adaptive content development and versatile written communication, Naomi brings strategic project leadership to TRA, ensuring their content resonates with diverse audiences. She holds a Master of Science degree in Sociology and has authored publications on accessible course design. Naomi's commitment to excellence has been recognized through various awards, including the Women Techmakers Ambassador from Google for Developers. Her passion for fostering positive change and promoting inclusivity makes her an invaluable asset to TRA's mission. Follow Naomi on Medium.