People who care want to know what they can do.

Join The Resilient Activist for upcoming events that will help you take your caring about racial equity – compassion for and support for communities of color – to a deeper level: education and action.

The environmental connection

Systemic racism shows up in every aspect of our lives.

The concept of Racial Equity and the Environment is a hallmark of The Resilient Activist’s mission. We build an understanding of the emotional impact of racism that people of color experience even when pursuing a connection to nature.

Imagine the heart of a dear friend, a Black man who loves the out-of-doors, who asked where he could take his son camping where they would feel safe.

Not safe from snakes and mosquitoes, but safe from racists. 

Black naturalists are just like everyone else – and stories on our site show this to be true.

Author Dawn Downey writes essays for The Resilient Activist that explore her sometimes uneven love for nature. In writing about the hiking club she joined, Dawn says, “We hiked baby trails near the city, but, lordy, did hiking shove me into bravery.” A lot of us could identify with that. Check out her stories about Mother Nature and the nature of her wild mind here. You’ll be delighted you did!

When white people feel threatened by Blacks when out in nature.

Here is an incident that happened on the same day George Floyd was murdered. Amy Cooper: New York Woman Calls Police on Black Man Who Asked Her to Leash Dog The Black man in this video, birdwatcher Christian Cooper, is a former Marvel Comics editor and writer who now works as the senior biomedical editor at Health Science Communications.

And his experience is not unusual. Watch this video from the National Audubon Society on Birding While Black: A Candid Conversation or Bird-Watching While Black: A Wildlife Ecologist Shares His Tips from National Geographic.

Everyday people, including bird watchers and nature lovers, are harassed solely because of the color of their skin.

Join us at our events that explore topics like these with the intention to bridge the divide through understanding, communication, and kindness.

Racial Equity Programs

Native Wisdom with Kelly Daniels

June 20, 2020 (Saturday) 10 am – noon Online via Zoom

This free event is part of our ongoing monthly Climate Conversations.

Racial disparity is rampant within the lives of our indigenous sisters and brothers. Join us for deep conversation with Kelly Daniels, founder of the Blue River Forest Experience.

Kelly will touch on:

  • the background of her historic property, once the home of the Black Bob Indians of the Shawnee Tribe, and how she manages it and runs a forest school there
  • Forest Therapy concepts and training
  • her Native American heritage and indigenous wisdom about living in relationship with the land, as well as stories about her time at Standing Rock and the environmental impact of the installation of oil pipelines on the native communities who live there
  • her collaboration with the Heartland Conservation Alliance to protect the Blue River
  • resilience practices she uses and teaches
Climate Conversations

Our monthly Climate Conversations are an opportunity to connect with others to build a supportive community around environmental stewardship. Our program include mindfulness and meditation, resilience tools, and lots of time for connection and conversation in an informal and nurturing environment. Join our email list to receive notice of future events.

Kelly Daniels is a professional photographer with The Kelly Gallery who leads Forest Therapy walks at her Blue Forest Experience site. She is the author of “Dance With The Wind,” a book of inspirational quotes and photographs honoring nature and indigenous cultures.

Register here.

Mindfully Exploring the Meaning of Whiteness in America

  • November 13, 2020 (Friday) 9 am – 4 pm Online via Zoom

Many “White Americans” have never intentionally explored what it means to be white in America. In our racialized culture, white people are racial beings moving through life with very limited racial literacy. Mindfulness can help empower us by expanding our racial perspective, helping us make more informed decisions that are in closer alignment with our deepest values, and changing our relationship to whiteness in service to the greater good.

The Resilient Activist’s focus will be on the extensive impact of climate change on people of color and underrepresented communities.

Through experiential exercises, guided meditations, and group discussion, we will mindfully explore:

  • the social construction of race and associated concepts
  • the history of racism in America
  • implicit bias, privilege blindness, and colorblind racism
  • the ongoing cultural, social and interpersonal effects of racism on human relationships, institutions/organizations, systems and the environment
  • strategies for breaking free from toxic socialization and connecting with the true nature of our histories, stories, and hearts
  • ways we can personally help build a more just and sustainable society

If by reading this class description you notice some strong feelings arising, know you are not alone – we invite you to adopt “curiosity mind” and take this opportunity to explore the reactivity that arises in a protected space with compassion, courage and presence. All experience levels in racial justice work and mindfulness meditation are welcome to attend. 

Although this program is suitable for the general public, up to 6 CEs are available for KS & MO licensed mental health professionals.

Presented through the Midwest Alliance for Mindfulness (MAM).

Teachers: Tracy Ochester, PsyD & Sydney Spears, PhD with Guest Speaker Sami Aaron of The Resilient Activist.

Fees  FREE 1 month practitioner level membership through MAM if attending virtually.  Two step process: Click to purchase your member/nonmember pass, then register below for the offering you wish to attend:

Two Offerings:

  • Friday Nov 13, 2020 from 9 am – 4 pm Online via Zoom Register Here