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Resilience and the Five Essentials for a Resilient World

Feeling overwhelmed with the state of the environment? Try some of these simple steps to help set your heart and mind on a path to gentleness and ease.

We often refer to the Five Essentials for a Resilient World as external things we can do to take care of the planet. But did you know that you can use these concepts internally too? They can help you create a path to everyday mindfulness practices that can soften environmental anxiety.

Does it seem too simple? 

Sure, it can seem like a superficial Band-Aid to a grieving heart. But in practice, and with a heartfelt intention, these kinds of everyday activities can allow for a mental and emotional shift to a reminder of the beauty and joy that is abundant even in the midst of despair.

Resilience Actions List

Try this: Pencil in times in your calendar every day to spend a few minutes on each of these simple actions.

Start with a cleansing breath or two, step outside or let your eyes meander to the window and allow the rest of your thoughts to take a back seat while you simply focus on the topic from the list.

Notice how it feels.

Reconnect to Nature

  1. Soften your eyes and gaze at the sky
  2. Step outside and inhale
  3. Notice the tug of gravity on your body
  4. Touch the leaves of a house plant
  5. Take a hike in nature
  6. Draw your favorite critter
  7. Have a session with an energy worker

Respect all Life

  1. Honor your personal time/energy boundaries
  2. Invite others to join you in your mission
  3. Do something completely different for 10 minutes
  4. Do a silly dance
  5. Walk away from the situation
  6. Choose your reaction

Regreen the Planet Regreen the Planet

  1. Create a garden you can see from a window
  2. Bring house plants into home & office
  3. Include native plants, shrubs, and trees in your garden
  4. Share plant cuttings and offshoots
  5. Paint pictures of local Nature + share them
  6. Plant seeds from wild plants

Revamp our Spending

  1. Review how you spend your time
  2. Swap one spending habit for a nature-connected event
  3. Buy a needed item at a zero-waste store
  4. Meditate outdoors
  5. Shop more sustainably through reusable bags & bringing your own coffee cup
  6. Read a nature-inspired book
  7. Get a therapeutic massage from a friend or professional

Replenish our Resources

  1. Take a hot bath 
  2. Join an outdoor exercise program
  3. Prepare a nourishing, vegetable-rich meal
  4. Shop at a zero-waste store
  5. Savor a hot beverage
  6. Dress for the weather and picnic outdoors
  7. Gather in community of other nature lovers
  8. Put on your headsets and immerse yourself in the vibrations of your favorite music

How can you go deeper?

If you would like to take a deeper step and connect with mental health resources, visit our Resilience Resources page.

Check out our events page and social media for other mental health events!

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  1. Darene Street

    These are wonderful reminders in our season of “cold” and ignorance about the environment! Thank you, Sami.

    1. Sami Aaron

      So glad you enjoyed this list, Darene!

  2. Debbie McCurdy

    All ideas are good reminders of making and creating a more grounded lifestyle. Thank you Sami for your commitment to Mother Earth & helping us get back to her. Love you.
    Debbie McCurdy

    1. Sami Aaron

      So glad you found this helpful, Debbie! Love and light to you ….

  3. Maria Pinto

    I appreciate these gentle reminders that there is a middle ground between feeling anxiety and numbness, to be aware, to care, to act in whatever capacity I can, but then to understand how necessary it is to do the inner work as well.
    With much love and gratitude
    Maria Pinto

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