The Resilient Activist’s mission is to cultivate resilience to environmental stress by supporting community, personal well-being, and vital ecological health.

We are a 501(c)3 organization based in Kansas City, Missouri. We provide educational programs, meditation workshops and practices, as well as community-building events that offer inspiration, self-care, and mental health support. Our programs are immersed in deep nature-connection and designed to nourish positive ecological change. We are a community that welcomes all people, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or religion, and we are firmly committed to the belief that environmental activism is also social justice activism.

The Resilient Activist Speakers Bureau offers educational and inspiring presentations and workshops designed to help audiences better understand how they can be a part of creating a healthier planet in ways that support their well-being. 


Visit our Speakers Bureau Presentations page for a detailed list of topics.


Introduction to The Resilient ActivistThese 30-60 minute presentations are offered free of charge; donations are gratefully accepted!
PresentationsEducational and informative, our presentations give audiences the opportunity to understand each topic in depth.  Participants will leave with a set of action steps that will benefit the world and enhance their well-being.
WorkshopsThese provide interactive and hands-on programming for a deeper dive into the topics and a more experiential awareness while fostering community building with participants.
Multi-Session Workshop SeriesWorkshop series provide interactive and hands-on programming for organizations that are inspired to a more profound and overarching understanding of the topic, customized for your audience and mission.
RetreatsFor a deep immersion in mindfulness practices in nature or support for climate anxiety, retreats can be scheduled for ½-day, full day, or longer, and are personalized for your community.

When you book a program by The Resilient Activist Speakers Bureau, you provide your audience with thoughtful, inspiring, and educational information about how they can take action to implement vital shifts towards a healthier and more resilient planet.

This is a picture of the Blue Ridge Mountains with yellow flowers in the foreground.
Photo credit: Elizabeth Allen


The Resilient Activist Speakers Bureau presentations are priced as follows (all prices are USD$):

For-profit / GovernmentNonprofit / GrassrootsPresentation Types
Free Free30-60 minute Introduction to The Resilient Activist organization
$500$100-$300 sliding scale60-minute Speakers Bureau presentation, number of participants is dependent on the venue and topic
$750$37560-minute customized interactive workshop for up to 20 participants
$1,000$50090-minute customized interactive workshop for up to 20 participants
$3,000NegotiableThree-Part Workshop Series (3 ninety-minute interactive workshops for up to 20 participants. Including 2 one-hour personalized consulting sessions.)
Negotiable Negotiable Retreat pricing will be determined based on the length of the retreat and the number of participants

Speakers will be booked to meet your scheduling needs and will work with you to gear our presentation topics to accommodate the interests of your community.  Programs may require additional fees to cover the cost of the venue and other related expenses. In-person events may be limited to the Greater Kansas City area; outside this area, events may be held online. Travel time over 60 minutes will be charged at $50 per hour.


Add an additional $250 to your speaker’s bureau honorarium, and The Resilient Activist will donate a 60-minute resilience workshop to a nonprofit organization of your choosing.  In thanks, your name and/or organization name and logo will be used in all promotional materials.  Help us spread the inspiration!


Contact The Resilient Activist Founder and Director Sami Aaron at: sami@theresilientactivist.org to find out more about our Speakers Bureau. We look forward to hearing from you!

Photo credit: Elizabeth Allen