We all carry the emotions of what’s behind climate change. In order to be an effective activist, we need to be resilient, we need to be healthy, we need to be joyful and nurtured, and have a supportive community behind us.

So that’s what The Resilient Activist is. We provide the platform for community-building, education, and nourishment so we can step into our activism – our superpowers – in a way that feels sustainable and uplifting.

Those of us who strive to bring about a more compassionate, just world can sometimes feel overwhelmed, overworked, and exhausted. The Resilient Activist offers an introspective approach to effecting change that is rooted in nurturing and resilience, because the better we feel – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – the more effective our activism will be. 

We provide community, an opportunity for those people in the environmental and social justice fields to come together in a supportive, like-minded arena where they don’t have to explain themselves. 

Our online community is a safe haven for education in resilience tools, mindfulness practices, and a variety of programs that can support our well-being. 

I invite you to read through our online community welcome letter so you’re comfortable with what’s available and how to move around the site. The platform we’re using, Mighty Networks, is pretty intuitive, but a little assistance upfront can be helpful. I especially appreciate all the personal notification options that I can turn on or off so I never feel badgered by more notifications than I want to receive!  

We ask that you take a moment to read through the community guidelines and diversity welcome – as we want this site to be a safe, supportive, and informative refuge.

With your unique perspective and gifts, the global community – of humans and non-humans alike – is made stronger. 

We can’t wait to connect with you and support you on your activist journey.