What is a Visionary Activist?

Let’s define VISION and ACTIVISM.

Vision is a cause, situation, social issue, or environmental injustice that catches your attention and tugs at your heartstrings. Maybe you’ve read, studied, or watched videos about this social issue. Maybe you’ve talked about this cause or donated to it in the past. Maybe you feel called to a certain topic, and you are ready to get more involved.

Activism is the art of taking action to bring forth whatever is bubbling up from your heart. By contributing your unique talents, you can make a substantial difference.  You are a Visionary Activist no matter where you are in your journey. You might still be deciding how you want to volunteer, or you might be starting your own business or nonprofit.

Wherever you are on your activism journey, right now is the perfect time for you to begin to clarify and design what is yours to do.

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What is the Visionary Activist Program?

We have designed a robust, holistic activism program to support those who long to be part of the global movement to nurture the environment and bring harmony to all its beings. The Visionary Activist program guides us to understand what each of us can do, in our own way, through our own interests and experiences—how we can use our unique perspective to make a tremendous difference for a resilient world.

This program will help you explore, awaken, and implement your vision.

The Visionary Activist program will also teach you how to build personal resilience and promote well-being. We recognize that it can be easy to become wrapped up in negative emotions such as anxiety, negativity, and fear while working to address difficult issues. As a result, we emphasize positivity and self care.

The more nourished you are in your life, the more energy and attention you’ll be able to offer to your vision.

How Does the Visionary Activist Program Work?

This program is based on a simple 12-step process that melds meditation, time spent in nature, and thoughtful journaling in ways that will help you discover key insights. In the first part of the program, you will explore your personal history and past experiences. Once you understand yourself better, you will define your vision. In the second part of the program, you will prepare for short term and long term implementation of your vision. You will also gain tools to stay grounded and supported as you continue working towards realizing your vision.

How Can I Learn about Future Visionary Activist Events?

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Learn more through in-depth interviews with these Visionary Activists

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Sami Aaron

Founder, The Resilient Activist

Activism is the art of taking action to bring forth whatever is bubbling up from your heart.

Kathy Miller, a supporter and member of The Resilient Activist’s Core Team since its inception, interviews its founder, Sami Aaron. Longtime friends, Kathy and Sami have journeyed together from the earliest inspiration for The Resilient Activist through its various phases of development. They share the goal of creating an inspired community that nurtures, uplifts, and supports those who strive to live in conscious harmony with the natural world.

Watch Sami’s interview here.

Carl Anthony Stafford

Founder, Visionary, Certified Community Coach MY REGION WINS!

“If your Bruce Wayne has a Batman or Diana Prince has a Wonder Woman, let MY REGION WINS! be your Alfred.” – Carl Stafford – Founder, Visionary, Certified Community Coach

Carl Stafford is the Founder & Visionary of MY REGION WINS! (MRW!). Carl was born and raised on the west side of the 5th District in Kansas City, Missouri. Now Carl’s goal is to turn the west side of District 5 into a destination location by using the arts and nature to address environmental and social injustice. Carl holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Kansas City Art Institute and received his Community Coaching Certification from Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching. He has 12+ years of experience in the nonprofit sector.

Watch Carl’s interview here.

Emily Libla

Co-founder, Drawdown of the Heartland

A common theme that drives my life is the recognition that my work isn’t about me; it’s about being of service to that which I love.  What’s needed isn’t always what I find most comfortable to give, but that’s where growth happens, and where possibilities become reality.”

Emily Libla is an educator, a questioner, and a dreamer of what’s possible when we collectively wake up and join together to create a future worth living to the fullest. Through her work, she is committed to bringing forth a shift in the prevailing worldview of separation and eliciting a remembering of our physical, emotional, and spiritual inter-being.

Watch Emily’s interview here.

Meredith McAllister

Owner, Compost Collective KC

It’s been helpful having a little bit of tough skin and saying, nope, I can do this!

Meredith is a dreamer and schemer and considers herself a “visionary activist” in every sense of the word. She believes that in order to move forward and create, we must first pause and envision what we want to exist. Meredith has envisioned, created, and led many projects and initiatives across the country.

Watch Meredith’s interview here.

AY Young

Founder, Battery Tour & United Nations Young Global Leader

Music brings everyone together, right? I mean, it’s a universal language. So let me just use that to literally get the world plugged in.

AY is a singer-songwriter, dancer, producer, and sustainability advocate and has been named by the United Nations as “1 of 17” 2020 World Youth Leaders. He is one of the first artists in the world to power his concerts with 100% renewable energy and was also recently recognized as a “40 Under 40” leader by The Energy News, a national energy publication.

Watch AY’s interview here.

Jonathan Brice Lyman

Artist, Recreational Power Park Visionary

I wanted to be in relationship with nature, be sustainable, and use my art to show what knowledge is trying to express in relationship with Earth.

Jonathan Lyman was born with a natural talent for capturing reality through his art. He struggled while searching for a deeper purpose to explain why he should make art in the first place … until he discovered a source of inner knowledge that fulfills his life-long quest for purpose, meaning, and direction. Jonathan now uses his art to capture visions that are a response to what the New Message calls, the “Great Waves of Change.”

Watch Jonathan’s interview here.

Staci Cross

Founder, Enjoy Pure Food + Drink

The vision is everything. That fact that you have a vision, you are seeing a changed world.

Enjoy’s mission is to raise the consciousness of the planet through the positive energy of healthy people. Enjoy provides convenient, high-vibration delicious food and drink to nourish the mind, body, and spirit of every customer, actively contributing to a brighter world. Staci is a 2020 graduate from the University of San Diego’s Global Advanced Leadership Program for Change-Makers.

Watch Staci’s interview here.