Simple Steps. Big Impact.

The Resilient Activist organization was created to answer the burning question,

“What simple steps can we humans take to have a positive impact on the planet in a way that feels easy and natural?”

I just googled that question and got 198,000,000 results like these:

  • The top 5 ways to live green.
  • The ONE best way to save the planet.
  • 10 Ways you can improve Earth’s health.

And 197,999,997 more answers…

Talk about being overwhelmed!!

That’s exactly why we created our EnviroTips.

Our articles are written to help you find easy ways to live as if your life depended on a healthy partnership with the planet.

Sun – plants – cow image by James Douglass (with a couple of pollinators added in!)

It’s that simple.

We offer an important shift in focus to the reality of life on Earth.

How surprising to learn that humans are actually in cahoots with plants, wildlife, soil, and rivers!

We need them and they need us.

Reciprocal lives.

This inaugural EnviroTip is to give you the core of what our environmental articles and teachings are about.

EnviroTip posts give you simple answers, one topic at a time, based on commonsense philosophy, best practices and, most importantly, NO GUILT.

So here’s your first EnviroTip (and It’s the most important EnviroTip of all):

Give Back To Our Planet

That’s it.

Give back to our planet.

How do you do that?

Throughout your day, get into the habit of asking yourself, “Is there an opportunity to give back to our planet right now?”

With close to 8 billion people living on earth, we do a whole lot of “taking” – of food, water, energy, land, and so on.  The best way to keep the planet healthy enough to support humans and all the other glorious creatures and places we love, for eons to come, is for us to replenish what we take whenever we can.

It’s the old teapot story: if you just keep pouring out water without refilling the pot, eventually the pot will run dry and just burn up. No tea for you.

We invite you to join us in refilling the metaphoric earth teapot by noticing what you take and finding easy ways to give back in equal measure.

Five Essentials for a Resilient World

  • Reconnect to Nature—We humans ARE nature! Yet it’s easy to forget that fact as we go about our everyday busy lives. Here are simple stress management ideas using the nature that is around you (even indoors!) to experience the physical and emotional benefits that come from an awareness of the natural world.
  • Respect all Life—Ways to change the knee-jerk reaction of “How do I kill the freaking bugs in my garden?!?!?” to “How can I feel safe in my garden even if there are bugs there?” and while you’re at it, you’ll have healthier plants
  • Regreen our Planet—Simple ways to see your yard and gardens evolve into supportive habitat for nature and ways to benefit organizations who are on a mission to reforest the planet.
  • Revamp our Spending and what you’ll spend it on Let your money and purchasing power reflect an understanding of the impact of your purchases on Earth, humans, and wildlife
  • Replenish our Resources—The food you eat grew from soil and water. All plants and animals depend on a healthy and abundant supply of both. This EnviroTip gives you ways to find that earth-connection in every meal and will give you simple ways to replenish nature in ways you may not have thought about before.

Learn how you can incorporate the Five Essentials for a Resilient World into every aspect of your everyday life.

We want your feedback!

EnviroTips articles are created to start the conversation.

We want to hear how our ideas worked for you and what shifts you’ve noticed as you go about your daily life.

What was so, so easy to do?

What changes are you uncomfortable or struggling with?

EnviroTips are not about recommending specific companies or products.

They’re not about making a complete and immediate change to how you live your life.

Instead, they’re about ways to help you understand your relationships to the natural world so that you can make more nature-connected choices.

With practice, EnviroTip steps will become second-nature to you. You’ll go through each moment of your day knowing that your nature-aware actions are powerful and that you, personally, can make an important impact on the health of the planet.

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The Resilient Activist

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