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Plastic cups, dog in background. What to do?
Freddie says “We don’t need no stinkin’ cups!”

We’re having an open house party at the house where we don’t live yet. Sometimes we also do this down by our pond, where we have no running water. We plan to serve beer, wine, and fizzy water. But I don’t have cups or glasses that I can easily transport around.

I looked for possibilities at Target. Most of what they have is plastic. They have paper cups, but there is no indication on the packaging (yes, the big plastic bag they come in) that they have any recycled content, and they are also flimsy, like toothbrush cups.

What to do?

Rent them! I can return them dirty, too!

Update: After I decided to rent the glasses, a friend gave me a huge bag of plastic cups left over from an event she hosted. Of course I’ll use them, because they’ve already been manufactured and purchased.  But here are my internal objections:

  1. I don’t want anyone to think poorly of me for buying plastic.
  2. I don’t want anyone to take it as a sign that it’s OK to buy plastic anything!

Should I bore everyone who uses a plastic cup with a little lecture? No. Write a disclaimer on each glass? Probably not. Reuse or recycle each and every one of them? Yes!

Note: Cups like this are useful for freezing small amounts of food such as single servings of soup. After the food is frozen, you can pop it out of the cup and put it in a larger container.

Mary Howe

Mary was a founding member of the board of the Resilient Activist and does tech consulting for us. She would like to make more changes in the care of our planet than just refusing plastic shopping bags and over-packaged products. Even better would be to make big changes with kindness and a light heart. Contact Mary.